Miami Boat Show shuttle bus: The smart way to move your co-workers / crew.

Miami Boat Show is an annual event of Second week of February, made possible by the  NMMA in Miami Beach and Miami. It is held in Four separate venues; two in Miami Beach and two in Down Town Miami. North American Market pleasure boat market represent fully half of the global demand for these products.

When you arrive to Miami with your co-workers for the Miami Boat show you have multiple options of getting around, you can choose to transport your crew by taxi,  renting cars or Chartering  buses. We all know how costly it would be to use a multiple taxis for a large crew and waiting for cabs to arrive. Renting car would cost up to $ 200.00 a day plus the taxes, insurance and etc. The best way to transport your crew is by Charter buses, mini bus or a van. When you charter a bus you don’t have to worry about insurance liability, toll or fuel. In  Miami, Charter buses are the efficient way for your guest / crew to travel.

Chartering a motor coach will allow everyone to kick back and relax. Our state of the art motor coaches offer comfortable reclining seats, luggage bay, amenities and privacy .You will give the Itinerary of where your group wants to go prior of chartering the bus and the driver does the rest.

boat show

We will be doing Miami Boat Show shuttle in Miami. You can also Charter bus for your crew and use it at your own convenience. We offer Car service, 5 – 14 passengers Van rental, Minibus rental 15-29 passengers or 30- 57 passenger charter buses to accommodate all your needs, we can be contacted for free quote 24 hours a day and 7 days a week at 1.855.773.6828 National Coach line is ready to provide excellent transportation service.


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